The Horror Movie

by Abraham Rubin

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released September 13, 2013




Abraham Rubin Maryland

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Track Name: Biscuit
Here come those lonely days that I've seen before,
But that don't mean that they don't hurt anymore.
Cry until dehydrated to no avail.
My heart ain't broken just a moldy biscuit
Old & Stale

Feel like a leper caged his feet in cement
Examined famine laminating lament.
What to do with a whistle to dry to whet?
Dream and nightmares climb the stairs
And they never let me forget.

Whoever you are come and be with me
Patience wanes with every second
Can't do anything more for myself
Need you here you know what I mean.
Track Name: Goose Step
Pour soul in slow and dissolve
Subject to sudden resolve
Select a method and keep on breathing.
Crawl back while fetal
Appalled until appealing
This all feels like a severed head bent on dreaming.
Nobody seems to decide
It's suddenly a surprise
To be found out where you hide so easy.
Dry heaves in heaven
A non-toxic, malevolent bond
Bread crumbs and appease all species.

So dig, dig, dig, but not too deep
We've got a leper on the line
& an appointment to keep.
And don't feel so high-strung
Because the choirs in the fire
You can go it alone.

Goose step through revery
Forceps for the memory
Pacified in effigy
No harm needed.
No more, no less of the only good thing left
When it's gone, we'll have no need to feel
So defeated.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
When life hands you weapons, make them all pay.
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
When life hands you weapons, make them all pay.

Exquisite engine above
Bank of unrequited love
I need a passion that I can cage in hell or high-water
An anchor for the slaughter
Oblation for the alter
To assuage.
How often mutation pulls
Without a presence or pulse
At the appendages of my being,
Through sodden wreckage
And suicidal messages
Broadcast to infest even the best of feelings.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
When life hands you weapons, make them all pay.
Track Name: Baby Don't Bite
She just knows how
To clip my wishes
With implements meant for ditches.
In the ground
Soundly and viscus
Calcifies within my britches
And slip out
Among the kittens catching pestilence and sickness
Has me down
On my knees wishing for an answer to my wishes.

Baby don't bite.

I'm in it now,
The mood for lovin' like mousetraps behind the oven
On the prowl
All of a sudden a quite covetous curmudgeon
Body count
Blonde or brunetted, short hair, long hair, or red-headed
Headed out
To spread affection on the lookers and the wretched.

Baby don't bite.
Baby don't bite.

Here it comes
In forms beheaded with a halo made of lead
And I'm the one
Teething on leather belts to pass the time intended to
By something other than a soldering iron to mend
A broken heart in needed of blessings and a little antiseptic.

Baby don't bite.
Baby don't bite.
Baby don't bite.
Track Name: D.E.A.D.
One step back
& Two steps forward.
All is fair in rape & torture.
And just to get things more interesting,
Hold your breath and cease existing.

No one takes you seriously,
Until you are D.E.A.D.

Bleach-haired babes and halfwit escorts
Spread like cancer 'round the dance floor.
There's no sense in self-destruction
When everyone deserves his portion.

Non one takes you seriously,
Until you are D.E.A.D.

Mile after mile
With a belly for of bile
I can see the sun a'smiling
In tidy even piles
Can of worms to serve as supper
We can eat and need and suffer
Severed smiles on served on tupperware
Holds hands through gloves of rubber
Passions molds and party favors
Pin the tail upon the savior
Salivating like a three-legged dog in an incubator.

No one takes your seriously,
Until you are D.E.A.
No one takes you seriously,
Until you are D.E.A.D.
Track Name: Lois
Swift with her emptiness
Vile sliver so pure
Putrefy when without her
Of this I'm sure.
Solstices twitch to hold you
Stars weep to know
Love as sweet as Lois's
Gangrene & Gold.

Her features cleave me meatless
Scalp me of fear
I'd lead a leashed existence
Just to have her near
Lois, I may be hopeless
But guarantee
There's not a man on earth to please you,
Unless that man is me.

Lois I may be hopeless
But guarantee
There's not a man on earth to please you,
Unless that man is me.

Unless that man is me.
Track Name: Soul Seizer
Jezebel in her easy chair
To keep her suitors at bay;
Kiss and telekinesis wherever
Insistent fists offer to pay.
Her heart is a sickle cell,
She thinks that love is a social disease
A nightmare here and a wet dream there,
A cold sweat still insists there was heat.

On her knees for capricious prayer,
Prone to receive the communion she craves;
Relinquished eaves of her own despair,
Spectral acquaintance agrees to obey.
Angel wings in the Frigidaire
To never use them in vane;
Allegiance weakens but she's prepared
To drink the blood of the one she's profaned.

She's a
Soul Seizer.
She's a
Soul Seizer.
She's a
Soul Seizer.
She's a
Soul Seizer.
Track Name: Nickels
Headed into town at a snail's pace
Neck brace
It started with a tremor
And it ended with an earthquake.
Gin & catatonic on a Sunday afternoon
To get the bees out of our bonnets
And the salt out of our wounds.

Disembowel the starlet just before the matinee
& By the time we reach the curtain call
She won't get in our way.
Seize the day with a sickle.
Seize the evening with a spike.
Everyone's dancing with the Devil
In the pale moonlight.

Throw me over.
Hold me under.
Absent minded.
Torn asunder.
Belly dancer.

From a train in New York City
To a hill in Idaho,
Where the skies are filled with rainbows
& the streets are paved with gold,
Well the food ain't fit for eating,
& Water ain't safe to drink,
& The air ain't fit for breathing,
& Your thoughts ain't safe to think.
Track Name: Vermin
After all the portraits
Of plasticine corpses you keep
On the passenger side
Contaminate in proportion
To captions reporting
It's certain the worst is behind.
Putrid passion erosion,
Perfume-sprayed devotion,
Leching death in the sexiest,
Fashions passed by a pathogen class
Will exact revenge when
Crucifixion is cliche.

Steady, thorough, received her
In springtime.
The ether hung sweeter than vatican wine.
She split my yolk into segment,
Took them outside and spread 'em,
Buried deeply for me to go find.
An afternoon with a shovel,
She stood watch from the rubble,
Smug delight & a smile on her face.
And with that presence above,
My heart was vanquished with love,
& I realized that I'd dug my own grave.

Heavenward with a hammer,
Gimme grist for the glamor;
Feathers plucked from an angels raw hide.
Prosthetic pulpits do better
In the tropical weather;
Punctuate the most damp or divine.
Oblivion up and left me
With a bunch of unfriendly
Poltergeists in the folds of my mind.
I'm bleeding out through my eyelids,
City streets watch in silence,
They've seen worse
& It ain't the last time.

In the event of the same old death trip,
Walk do not run to the nearest exit.
The wheels on the bus go round & round,
As Happy Land is burning down.

Just cause I feel a little down,
Don't mean I won't be
The first depending on you doubts
To denigrate me.
Your earth is a fickle globe about
Which phantoms orbit.
Your head leaks language through the mouth
It smells like bullshit.
I hate the elements you drown
My fucking earth in.
I'd burn each and every one down,
of this I'm certain.
Still don't consider me a vile
Shit-heel negator.
See, you're entirely my fault.
I'm your creator
Track Name: Epilogue: Slow Dance
Slow dance
At the end of the show,
Stand by me closely
In case there is an encore.

Oh Dear,
The lights are dipping lowly,
And I feel
Like I am slipping under.

Though we
Are two halves of a whole thing,
I fear our love could never prosper.
Such a lasting devotion to behold here
With demons I can't conquer.

I need to find a way to ease my mind.
It might be the only way to pass the time.
Oh Dear,
There's nothing more that I can do,
Except stand here and then slow dance with you.

Hold hands
At the end of the show
Stand by me closely
Although the evenings over.
As the two curtains close,
Promise me one thing:
That you'll love me forever.

Slow dance
At the end of the show,
Stand by me closely,
In case there is an encore.
Oh Dear,
As the two curtains close,
Promise me one thing:
That you'll love me forever.